Global Debut – Bodor Laser 40kW

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Global Debut – Bodor Laser 40kW

Recently, the Bodor Laser 40kW ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine made its global debut at the Bodor Laser Innovation and Research Center. Over the years, Bodor Laser has been at the forefront of the industry with its strong R & D capability. Now, the world’s first 40kW laser cutting machine has been unveiled, redefining laser cutting.

During a press conference, Mr. Yang Xuguang, General Manager of Bodor Laser Research and Development, presented the new machine and demonstrated the 40kW cutting process. He said, “The ability of 40kW laser cutting breaks through the bottleneck of cutting thickness and creates new standards. With the all-round upgrading of cutting thickness, cutting accuracy and cutting speed, Bodor Laser 40kW makes more laser applications a reality and becomes a new benchmark in the laser cutting industry.

“While the maximum cutting thickness of Bodor Laser 40kW can reach 200mm, the comprehensive processing efficiency of Bodor Laser 40kW is increased by 50%- 80%, the cutting of 20mm carbon steel can reach 6m/min and 30mm carbon steel can reach 2.4m/min

“In 2019, Bodor Laser completed its 25kW and 30kW global debut, becoming a weather vane for ultra-high power laser applications in the industry. Today, we are gathered here to witness once again the global debut of Bodor Laser 40kW. As the saying goes, what ordinary people can imagine, there must be someone who can realize it.

“40kW can make laser cutting technology improve a big step as a whole, break more limitations of laser cutting processing and make laser processing have a more extensive use scene. What users can experience is not only that they can cut thicker, but also that they can cut faster, more finely, better and more cheaply and help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce more costs and expand a wider market,” he concluded.

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