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The technologically-advanced 42 Series Rotary Brush machine adds more value to steel processing businesses, with the all-new add-on underside finishing machine. This add-on machine is placed in front of the machine, and serves to remove burrs from the underside of workpieces before they enter the main deburring process. The advantage of this is that deburring can be done with one single pass – in half the time it previously took. In the world of fabrication today, there is overwhelming demand for increased speed of production, while still meeting quality requirements. The 42 series meets these requirements in full. With modern fibre laser technology, in some clients’ fabrication centres, the output of newly cut components has reached unprecedented rates. With the add-on machine, Timesavers has therefore ensured that the process of deburring and edge-rounding effectively eliminates any production bottlenecks and increases productivity and profitability accordingly. In addition, the add-on machine allows the 42 Series to be more easily integrated into fully automated processing lines. Not only does the 42 series offer improved deburring, rounding and finishing in one processing step, it is also able to process a large variety of sheet thicknesses and metal types. This machine is very versatile, as it can deburr and grind small parts from 30mm to large parts up to 1600mm, while being capable of processing a large variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, zincor, zinc and laser film products. The machine features a centrally installed and user-friendly control panel and an automatic table opening of 0 – 100mm. To ensure a perfect finish, the machine has a carousel rotating brush head equipped with eight brushes, four rotating to the left and four to the right.

The frequencycontrolled conveyor belt feeds at speeds ranging from 0.2 to 8 m/min. Window panels and a well-lit interior make it easy to keep a visual check on processing. The brushes have an extremely long service life of approximately 3,000 hours. However, when brushes or belts need to be replaced, there is a quick replacement system for virtually uninterrupted production. To monitor feed status, the machine is equipped with LED beams on the infeed and outfeed and the vacuum table has an automatic cleaning cycle. While the most common finish achieved by the Timesavers wide belt machine is the straight line or grain finish for decorative or aesthetic For more information, please contact First Cut – Tel: 011 614-1112. purposes, some customers may require a random, circular or orbital scratch pattern. Timesavers offer machines for each of these requirements and will run samples to demonstrate the required finish results accordingly. Alternatively, the component can be given a finish with the surfaces prepared for painting or for receiving a specific micro-finish. If any customer has a specific deburring challenge, the First Cut and Timesavers teams are always ready and willing to consult, in order to find an optimal deburring or grinding solution. Many Timesavers customers have found that switching from timeconsuming manual deburring to an automated Timesavers machine has not only saved them a substantial amount of operational time – but substantial costs as well. Ultimately, for unmatched high-end finishes, the 42 Series is the ideal solution for the fabricator or manufacturer dedicated to supplying their customers with premium standard, quality-cut and finished components

 For more information, please contact First Cut – Tel: 011 614-1112.

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