CHAMFMILL Front and Back Chamfer Milling Tools

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ISCAR is introducing the CHAMFMILL family of indexable milling cutters carrying PNMT 06 pentagonal inserts with five cutting edges for front chamfering and five for back chamfering, providing an economical machining solution.

The new economical cutters carry star-shaped (pentagonal) double-sided inserts with 10 cutting edges and are produced from ISCAR’s advantageous IC830 SUMO TEC carbide grade.

The CHAMFMILL family ensures cost-effective milling of 45° chamfers and productive machining due to the high cutting speed. Main applications include machining main engineering materials: steel (ISO P), stainless steel (ISO M) and cast iron (ISO K). The tools are intended for front chamfering, back chamfering and removing burrs, which eliminates hand de-burring. The maximum width of a machined 45° chamfer is 1.5 mm.

Two shank configurations are available: cylindrical shank and replaceable milling heads with MULTIMASTER adaptation. The tools are available in 11.70, 16.70 and 18.70mm tool diameters and are suitable for back milling chamfers in 10mm minimum diameter holes. A polish coating ensures better chip flow and tool protection from corrosion and wear.

For more information, please contact ISCAR South Africa – Tel: 011 997-2700.

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