Eco-Bend Expert CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

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The Eco-Bend Expert CNC hydraulic press brake offers a wide variety of options on top of its standard features. The machine is user-friendly and provides a cost effective production solution.

A high resolution controller comes standard with all Eco-Bend press brakes, while the 2D screen and high programming capacity are the two major features enjoyed by users.

Available at a low investment cost the machine offers high efficiency, ergonomic and compact design, minimum space requirement, high resolution 2D graphic screen and a 1 axis (X) motorized backgauge. While the Ecobend Expert CNC hydraulic pressbrake is a durable choice for precise cutting, the machine is easily installed.

Specifications include a bending force of 80 ton to 200 ton, bending length of 2600mm to 4100mm, 3 axis – Y1, Y2, X as standard and optional manual crowning.

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