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Screw Clamp Type Boring Bar, ML Chip Breaker

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TaeguTec’s range of boring bars with screw clamping function is available to suit C, T, V and W shape RhinoRush inserts.

With the screw clamping type boring bar, the current hook lever, T-Holder and wedge clamp types, the RhinoRush line of boring bars meets the needs of more demanding machining applications.

The screw clamping type boring bar has a simple clamping structure, minimizes chip evacuation interference during internal machining and is stable plus durable during demanding operations.

Advantages of the ground type ML chip breaker include reduced cutting force due to its very sharp cutting edge and extended tool life with improved surface quality due to minimal built-up-edge during machining.

By combining the chip breaker’s sharp geometry and polished uncoated grade, this addition makes the RhinoRush line the perfect choice for aluminium and super alloy machining.

RhinoRush’s mini turning inserts are very popular across many sectors within the manufacturing arena as they reduce machining cost and increase output.

RhinoRush is characterized by a tough and smaller double-sided insert that enables improved machining time and better surface finish.

For more information, please contact TaeguTec – Tel: (011) 362-1500.

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