Agni Steel Gets Green Light For Phase 2 & 3 Expansion

Agni Steels SA R400-million investment has created over 320 jobs at its facility.

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Steel recycling and processing plant, Agni Steel SA located in Zone 6 of the Coega SEZ recently received authorization for its Phase 2 & 3 expansion plan from the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs & Tourism (DEDEAT).

Phase 1 consisted of the installation of a set of induction furnaces for reclaiming of scrap metal. The induction furnaces had a capacity of 25 tonnes and produced 90 000 tonnes of mild steel billets per year. Phase 2, which was approved in June 2018, includes the addition of two sets of furnaces and a ladle-refining furnace. The two additional furnaces will run alternately with one being used for melting whilst the other is prepared for the melting process. The additional furnaces will thus double production and produce 180 000 tonnes of steel billets per year.

Once all three phases are completed Agni Steel SA will locally convert the steel billets produced into reinforced steel for local and regional export consumption.

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