IC882 And IC5820 New High Performance Milling Grades For Machining Titanium, Stainless Steel And High Temperature Alloys

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Today, as more and more titanium parts are necessary for the construction of modern airplanes, the aerospace industry is in constant demand to increase cutting tool performance for machining titanium. To comply with this high market demand, ISCAR introduces new IC882 and IC5820 carbide grades that feature a more productive means of machining titanium alloys.

These include the common Ti6Al4V and tougher, harder to cut titanium alloys such as Ti-5Al-5V- 5Mo-3Cr (Ti 5-5-5-3), Titanium Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al (Ti 10-2-3) and other super alloys.

Grade IC882 features a particularly tough and strong substrate. The fracture toughness (K1c) that measures the resistance of material to the propagation of a crack in the substrate is at least 20% higher when compared to competing carbide grades. The IC882 with its tough carbide substrate, new PVD hard coating and SUMO TEC® post-coating treatment substantially improves impact strength, hot hardness, oxidation resistance, notch wear and built-up edge resistance; all contributing to longer tool life, reliable results on wear and chipping resistance for higher metal removal rates and reduced production costs per part.

The new IC882 grade is intended mainly for machining titanium alloys and heat resistant steels. In addition, it can be used successfully for milling stainless steel and high-temperature super alloys (HTSA) at medium to high cutting speeds, even under unfavourable machining conditions or interrupted cuts. The ISO application range of grade IC882 is M25-M45 / S20-S30.

Grade IC5820 has a very tough, strong carbide substrate combined with CVD new hard coating and SUMO TEC® post coating treatment. It features a substantially improved impact strength, higher hot hardness, oxidation, notch wear and built-up edge formation resistance. These contribute to longer tool life, reliable wear and chipping resistance. The IC5820 grade enables the increase of cutting speeds that result in higher metal removal rates and reduced production cost per part; it is mainly used for milling titanium alloys.

The ISO application ranges of grade IC5820 are M20-M35 / S15-S25. With 20% – 30% higher cutting speeds vs. existing known carbide grades, the grade requires high flow rate and pin-pointed coolant; its best performance can be achieved with highpressure coolant.

For more information, please contact ISCAR South Africa – Tel: 011 997-2700.


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