QCP-2M – An Upgraded Version Of ICP- 2M Sumocham Drilling Heads

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ISCAR is upgrading the SUMOCHAM ICP-2M drilling heads by introducing a revolutionary drilling head geometry that features enhanced centering capabilities, improved surface finish and overall quality of the machined hole.

The new QCP-2M drilling heads are available in 8.0 to 25.9mm diameters, in 0.1mm increments. These new drilling heads ensure a hole tolerance of IT8 and can be mounted on any SUMOCHAM standard drill body with the appropriate pocket size.

The QCP geometry should be regarded as an improved version of the previous generation SUMOCHAM double margin inserts (ICP-2M). The new geometry design features superior self-centering capabilities when compared to the current ICP-2M inserts, by gaining better hole straightness, roundness and surface finish.

The tool is made from IC908 TiAlN PVD nano layer coated grade, ensuring high wear resistance, stable and predictable wear progression and high surface quality. The MQL cooling feature increases efficiency.

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