Turning: Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathes For Swisstype Machining

The MULTISPRINT 25 and MULTISPRINT 36 are setting a new standard in series production with six spindles.

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The MULTISPRINT 25 and MULTISPRINT 36 set a new standard in series production with six spindles.

Each spindle position already has a Y-axis in the standard. On the basis of countless technology studies and a wide range of customer requirements, the developers have fulfilled the requirements for reducing throughput times and setup times, lowering the cost of process development and integration and also dealing with the increasing degree of complexity. Nozzles in fluid technology, implants in dental technology and shafts in car construction are just three examples of complex components which can be manufactured in a highly productive way on the versatile machines. The result is a manufacturing solution for scalable requirements from series production startup to series production itself.

With the new multi-spindle automatic lathes, DMG MORI has developed a highly flexible machine concept which productively manufactures complex turned and milled parts in both chuck and bar machining.

The bar capacity is a diameter of 25mm with the MULTISPRINT 25 and 36mm in the MULTISPRINT 36. The cross-slides on the six spindles (optionally up to eight) all have a Y-axis with travel distance of 100mm and an X-axis with travel distance of 50mm. The Z-axis travel distances are 100m in the standard version, and 180m in combination with the SWISSTYPEkit. With this, the MULTISPRINT machines can be converted from a short automatic lathe to a long automatic lathe in less than two hours. The maximum turning speed is 7500 rpm.

The MULTISPRINT 25 and MULTISPRINT 36 can manufacture even extremely complex workpieces effortlessly because of their up to 28 tools. Up to 24 driven tools can be used. The speeds go up to 13,800 rpm or maximum torque of 14.2 Nm.

For rear machining the MULTISPRINT machines can be optionally equipped with a pick-up spindle or one or two counter-spindles. The cycle times can be reduced by up to 35 percent in this way. The pick-up spindle move 230mm along the Z-axis. The one or two counter-spindles move 280mm along the X-axis, 320mm along the Y-axis and 370mm along the Z-axis. A double tool station with three driven and two fixed tools completes the scope of the equipment. Demanding off-centre machining is also possible. The indexing of the counter-spindles is a highprecision 0.002° in both configurations.

On the automation front the MULTISPRINT machines can be equipped with a bar loader. DMG MORI has developed its own bar loader especially for the new MULTISPRINT machines. Up to two robots can be used directly in the work area for machining chuck components. These take care of simultaneous loading and unloading and the turning of chuck components with diameters of up to 50 x 80mm.

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