New Slitting Cutters With Coolant Channels Carrying Tang-Grip Inserts

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ISCAR is expanding the TANGSLIT slitting cutters by adding TGSF-JHP cutters with coolant channels directed to each and every cutting edge and SW/S-JHP driving shanks that can convey the coolant to the cutters.


Coolant channels directed to each and every cutting edge facilitates efficient cooling to prevent built-up edge, substantially prolonging tool life. With very efficient chip disposal, improved surface finish, and advantages for both low (10 bar) and high (340 bar) coolant pressure, the new slitting cutter represents an ideal solution for machining high temperature alloys and stainless steel, offering higher productivity as cutting speed can be raised up to 50%.

The TGSF-JHP cutter features 63-125mm cutter diameter and 3.0 and 4.0 mm slitting widths. The SW/S-JHP shank features 25.0 and 32mm shank diameters and shell holder with 32.0mm adaptation.

For more information, contact ISCAR South Africa – Tel: 011 997 2700

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