Cutting Tools: New Specialized Thread Mills From Reime Noris

Specialized thread mills for the economic production of threads in difficult applications are natural for REIME NORIS as an innovative manufacturer of threading tools.

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The company already offers an unusually extensive product range of threading tools for the manufacture of large-threads from Ø 20mm.

However, to supply the customer with more economical solutions, REIME NORIS is expanding its thread milling NES TS and now offers this powerful and universal tool solution for threads from Ø 60mm with 1mm to 6mm pitch.

The three possible thread milling bodies of tool steel are equipped with pitch-overlapping carbide inserts. Due to the special design of the cutting geometry different pitches can be produced with one insert type. This results in a reduction of tool variants. Due to the constructive design of more insert seats (more working thread tooth on the circumference) more effectively higher feed rates are possible, thereby reducing the processing time dramatically.

For the user, the use of the NORIS thread milling system NES TS means cost savings, flexibility and increase the quality of work by this innovative tool solution.

For more information contact Duncan Macdonald – Tel: 011 444 4345

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