Milling And Machining Centres: Röders Tec RXP 500 DS 5 Axis-Machining Centre

The 5-axis-machining centre RXP 500 DS is the typical workhorse for HSC milling of hard materials. The axes have working ranges of 800 x 500 x 300mm, with a rotary/tilting table providing the fourth and fifth axis. The design of the system particularly focused on speed, sturdiness and accuracy. The highest dynamism and precision are achieved using frictionless linear direct drives in combination with classic roller guides featuring outstanding rigidity. Compared to the widely used ball rolling spindles, the linear direct drives excel not only by their higher path control accuracy: at comparable energy consumption, they are frictionless and thus not subject to wear and tear since they contain no moving mechanical parts in direct mutual contact. The 42000 RPM spindle has a power rating of 14 kW.

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Compact, highly dynamic, high-precision 5-axis HSC machine with counter bearing and special Röders geometry compensation.

The highest accuracy – well beyond what can be expected from comparable systems currently available on the market – is achieved by a number of features such as a sophisticated temperature management system, a spindle length deviation compensation device and an integrated tool-measuring system using a laser. A further feature in this context is a highly accurate contact-point measuring system for the workpiece.

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