Milling And Machining Centres: Greater Damping With Latest Silent Tools™ Milling Adaptors

Benefits include higher metal removal rates and process security.

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The latest Silent Tools™ milling adaptors from cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant are designed to offer improved damping characteristics. These advanced adaptors have been developed in direct response to the need for greater metal removal rates and reduced vibration wherever long, slender milling tools are deployed.

Thanks to the upgraded Silent Tools milling adaptors from Sandvik Coromant, production engineers now have an effective way of enhancing productivity, process security and surface finish in vibration-prone, longoverhang operations. Benefits such as the significant reduction of chatter and vibration make them today’s first choice for any machine shop looking to optimize the performance of its long milling cutter assemblies.

“Inside the adaptors is a pre-tuned passive damper – a counteracting mass that acts as a shock absorber,” explains Pål A. Sollie, Product & Application Specialist at Sandvik Coromant. “The damper improves the dynamic behaviour of the tool assembly to a level where there is room to achieve the best milling tool quality and unbeaten metal removal rates for a variety of milling applications with slender tools, whether it is face milling (even at high feed), deep shoulder and side milling, pocketing, slot milling, profiling, circular ramping or helical interpolation.”

Silent Tools reduce vibration, increase productivity and improve security when machining with long overhang.

Additional advantages include undersized shanks which, where required, allow side clearance between the adaptor and workpiece. This permits the use of a nominal diameter cutter – rather than an oversized cutter – which is advantageous because a lower mass cutter is more productive than a larger version on a long, slender assembly. Having this flexibility avoids the need to compromise component designs and productivity when the use of slender milling tool assemblies is required.

Suitable for all ISO material groups, the new Silent Tools milling adaptors can be deployed on tool assemblies with useable lengths from 4 x cutter diameter. They are available with Coromant Capto® and HSKA/ C as machine side interfaces.

For more information, contact Sandvik Coromant – Tel: (011) 570 9615.

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