Turning: CVD Coated Carbide Grade For Steel Turning – MC6015

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An insert with excellent wear and fracture resistance was needed for turning steels at cutting speeds that exceed 300m/min. The MC6015 grade for steel turning fulfils that need by delivering substantially better wear resistance through the adoption of an optimized crystal growth, Nano-Texture Coating Technology. This coating technology permits high speed, efficient machining even at high temperatures. 

MC6025 expanded the range of applications it could be applied to by adding a chip breaker for the medium interrupted and general purpose machining area.

Features of the CVD coated carbide grade, MC6015, for steel turning include proprietary Nano- Texture Coating Technology which achieves overwhelmingly high wear and chipping resistance and TOUGH-GRIP Technology which prevents the delamination of the coating because the interface structure of the coating layers is controlled at a nano level. The chipbreakers are available as standard items to complement the existing range of LP breaker for light cutting, MP breaker for medium cutting and RP breaker for rough machining.

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