Tapping Into The Market With TaeguTec T-Tap

TaeguTec unveiled its new highspeed steel line of taps that provides universal metal cutting solutions on a variety of materials. The new line offers two different flute geometries for both through and blind-hole applications.

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The HSSE-cobalt T-Tap new line expands TaeguTec’s threading range beyond milling and turning applications with carbide tools to high-speed steel. The high cutting speed with low cutting force taps’ universal application is ideal for steel, stainless steel and cast iron applications. Whether it is metric ISO standard or fine threads, the optimized cutting geometries of the new taps line ensures easy chip evacuation for precise and reliable machining.

The material used in the new T-Tap line is offered in three different grades– uncoated, steam tempered or titanium nitride. No matter the coating, the T-Tap HSSE line enables higher productivity and economy on a wide range of materials. Its longer tool life is credited by its innovative cutting geometry and the option of either TiN or steam tempering.

Tale of Two Geometries

TaeguTec’s straight flute with spiral point HSSE taps for through hole threading have a form B 4-5 threads chamfer, a dimension range of M2-M20 (MF8X1.0-MF16X1.5) and an ISO 2-6H tolerance. The innovative geometries of this new series forces the chips forward making tapping an easy, cost-efficient process while its optimal design credit to shallow flutes is only used in combination with cutting fluids (not chip evacuation).

The right hand spiral 40 degree flute’s features for blind hold threading comes with a helix angle, form C 2-3 threads chamfer, the same dimension range and ISO tolerance as the straight flute with spiral point. The difference is that the tap is designed with spiral flute grinding which forces the chips out of the hole and is designed for both cutting fluid and chip evacuation.

Grading Grades

The uncoated T-Tap grade is a perfect economical choice and is recommended for steel up to a maximum 800 newton per square millimeter while the steam tempered coating ferric oxide layer at the cutting edge makes it perfect for chip flow and reduces built-up edges for increased tool life.

For high hardness, chemical stability and heat resistance applications, the physical vapor deposition TiN coating offers a longer tool life due to its balanced characteristics of low heat conductivity and smooth operation at low cutting speeds and universal application on a wide range of materials.

Testing the Life Out of T-Tap

TaeguTec extensively tested the new T-Tap line on various materials and working conditions to make sure that it surpasses every customer’s needs. Its steam tempered tap on machining a sleeve made from carbon steel (AISI 1040, C40) was found to be optimal at a cutting speed of 14 meters per minute and lasted perfectly for 1,300 thread holes. On the other hand, the two TiN coating tests handled low alloy steel and tool steel with ease.

The case study of the TiN coating for a driving wheel made from low alloy steel (AISI 5115, 16 MnCr5) found that the application took 20 meters per minute to machine and lasted 1,800 thread holes while the tool life of a transforming stamp using tool steel (X36CrMo17) continued for 850 thread holes at a cutting speed of 15 meters per minute.

TaeguTec also tested two special coatings for companies that need tailor made tools. The first was on a supply pipe in which the material used was nodular cast iron (GGG40). The titanium aluminium nitride coating’s cutting speed was a mind blowing 25 meters per minute but its true eyebrow raising feature was its tool life of 3,500 thread holes.

But more impressive was the application on an aluminium alloy cylinder head. For this job, TaeguTec tailor made a DLC coating which has a cutting speed of 22 meters per minute with an incredible 8,000 thread hole life.

For more information, contact TaeguTec – Tel: (011) 362-1500.

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