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Walter presents the new HU5 geometry for ISO M and S materials With the new single-sided indexable inserts with HU5 geometry, Walter has the answer to one of its users’ key questions: How can more components be produced using the same number of machines? In comparison to the indexable inserts that can be used on both sides, the HU5 has a larger contact surface to the tool holder. This increases the stability and allows for greater cutting depths, feeds and a larger metal removal rate – specifically, in the practical test, this comes to 18.36 l/h instead of 10.71 l/h. In addition to the stable fit, the decisive factor behind this is the combination of the geometry and Walter Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool materials. This allows for increases in tool life of up to 75 percent. The geometry itself has been specially developed for heavy roughing of stainless steels and high-temperature alloys. It is typically used for applications in the oil and gas industry, e.g. for large valves made from AISI 316 material, or in the aerospace industry with Inconel 718 or titanium materials. The main cutting edge, which is protected by a negative chamfer, prevents fractures when machining hard edge zones and optimises the performance for hard scale, e.g. of forged parts. Components with interrupted cuts and other demanding machining operations are equally feasible. The curved cutting edge and a deep chip breaker groove produce low cutting forces with high feed rates, consequently reducing the machining temperature. The variable rake angle in the area of the corner radius allows for soft chip reforming and increases the tool life. Available in the standard basic shapes of CNMM, DNMM and SNMM, Walter rounds off its vast product range in the areas ISO S and M with the HU5 geometry. As a result, Walter now offers a total of 12 geometries in six grades as well as tools with precision cooling and ceramic or CBN inserts.

For more information, please contact Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology – Tel: 0860 23 23 23.

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