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Universal and flexible are the features of the new S33 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine from STUDER. It can grind small to large workpieces in single batch, small or large series and is available with centre distances of 400mm, 650mm, 1000mm, 1600mm and a centre height of 175mm. The changeover from grinding between centers to live spindle grinding takes place in record time. Complex workpieces are easily ground in just one clamping.

The basis for the universal cylindrical grinding machine S33 is the machine bed made of solid Granitan® S103. Thanks to its favorable thermal behavior this offers a high degree of dimensional stability, while short-term temperature fluctuations are largely compensated for by the mineral casting. STUDER has redesigned the machine base geometry and supplemented it with an innovative machine base temperature control, which ensures fast and stable production. The mounting of the dressing unit on the double T-slot of the longitudinal slide massively reduces time needed for set-up or changeover of the machine.

While the S33 is based on the STUDER T-Slide concept, which now features an extended X-axis stroke of 370mm, STUDER offers various wheelhead versions. The turret wheelhead with a 1° Hirth coupling and automatic swivel can accommodate up to two external and one internal grinding spindle and is equipped with the latest generation of contact detection. The external wheelhead with a grinding wheel right, can be manually set to 0°, 15° and 30°. The machine set-up and changeover costs can be reduced thanks to the turret wheelhead with multiple grinding wheels and the fast set-up software Quick-Set. The S33 can easily handle internal-, external- and face grinding in one clamping which leads to an even higher efficiency in complete machining. The C-Axis, with an option of either a direct or indirect measuring system, allows the grinding of forms and threads. The S33 can also be equipped with a chuck workhead, specially designed for grinding chuck parts.

More than a hundred years of grinding experience is integrated in StuderWIN, which enables safe programming and efficient use. StuderTechnology requires just a few parameters to automatically calculate precise grinding parameters in just seconds. Good quality and a stable process is assured right from the beginning. The optional integrated modules such as StuderForm, StuderThread or StuderContourBasic extend the functionality of the machine. The hand-control device PCU makes it possible to set up the machine close to the grinding process. With electronic contact detection, downtimes can be reduced to a minimum. With the standardized loader interface, the S33 can also be automated.

For more information, please contact Retecon – Tel: 011 976-8600.

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