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Walter TC410 Advance thread formers.
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Walter presents its new TC410 Advance thread former

With the TC410 Advance HSS-E thread former, Walter is rounding off its range of threading tools – and can now offer its customers more than 200 thread dimensions and tolerances. The TC410 Advance with TiN coating can be used universally for blind and through-hole threads (metric, metric fine, UNC/UNF and G), all formable materials from the ISO material groups P, M and N as well as for ISO K and S as a secondary application. In addition to the general advantages of thread formers as well as non-cutting machining (no wedging of the tool due to trapped chips consequently higher process reliability), Walter is primarily bringing economic benefits to the fore with the new tools.

Decisive factors for this include the new geometry and special post-treatment. Innovative mould edges reduce the cutting time in the material. This reduces friction and consequently the amount of heat generated, which in turn reduces wear and ultimately increases the edge life of the tool. The posttreated, extremely smooth surface of the tool reduces the torque and additionally increases the tool life as a result. Walter offers the TC410 Advance in two variants. Without lubrication grooves or with lubrication grooves for deeper threads up to 3.5 × DN. The excellent price/performance ratio makes the TC410 Advance an attractive choice for users with medium to large batch sizes in particular. This is because it can produce more threads with the same tool.

For more information, please contact Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology – Tel: 0860 23 23 23.

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