3D Printing on the Threshold to Mass Production

Production of a turbine wheel by build-up welding. Photo: Gefertec
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EMO Hannover 2019 showcasing wide range of additively manufactured work-pieces in the additive manufacturing circle

Industrial 3D printing has now become an integral part of metalworking. EMO Hannover 2019 is reflecting this development by launching a compact new section to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state-of-the-art in this field. Service providers, machine and tool manufacturers as well as software providers will be presenting their latest innovations in the 300m2 additive manufacturing circle show area. The aim is to sensitize production planners and investors to 3D printing and to show visitors the wide range of possibilities already available today. The joint stand in Hall 9 also contains an area for discussing the technology with experts and networking.

Additive processes are now on the threshold of breaking into mass production within the manufacturing industry. Nevertheless, the use of generative manufacturing processes is still in its infancy in industrial production and many metalworking companies are currently reluctant to invest in plant and systems because they find it difficult to gauge the effects and benefits of these processes. However, there are already many impressive examples of what is currently possible.

Numerous products are already being printed, especially in the automotive and aircraft industries, but now also increasingly in medical engineering. Further additive processes will be ready for series production in the coming years. Yet if the full potential of 3D printing is to be exploited, it is important to identify new product features and applications that justify the higher costs of additive manufacturing. Visitors will discover completely new ways of thinking and production strategies in the additive manufacturing circle. There they will be presented with an overview of the entire spectrum of generatively manufactured work pieces. Visitors will be able to benefit from the collective expertise of the technology leaders and not just inspect a number of isolated solutions.

“We very much welcome the founding of the additive manufacturing circle,” says Tobias Röhrich, Managing Director of Gefertec. “ EMO Hannover is simply the ideal biotope for engaging in professional discussions about the new industry standard 3DMP®. We are expecting to encounter a high-calibre group of customers and users, but are also looking forward to an inspiring exchange with the industry’s visionaries. This will lead to many new contacts, perhaps even partnerships, which will benefit us in the short, medium and long term.”

On a level with the experts

The exhibitors and experts come from Germany, the USA, Switzerland and Sweden. What they all have in common is their interest in innovative products and services that take the technology one step nearer to mass production in metalworking. They will be providing food for thought and interesting new ideas in the Expert Talks, for example. The presentations and discussions will take place in the Expert Talks Area at the centre of the round community stand. The area has deliberately been kept small in scale to promote communication between the audience and the speakers. There is no stage, the experts will give their 30-minute feasibility study presentations (including cost/benefit comparisons) on a level with the visitors. The aim is to encourage discussion and questions. Four presentations will be given each day, followed by a discussion with the experts.

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