Specialist in Soft Cutting Action – Yet Universally Compatible in the System

Walter’s M4003 face milling cutter offers users the universal advantages of the M4000 system with the added advantage of being a very good choice for machining operations in unstable conditions.
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With the M4003 face milling cutter, Walter is expanding its M4000 Universal range. With the M4003, Walter is presenting a 45° face milling cutter as part of its M4000 system.

However, in addition to the advantages of a universal system, such as low carbide inventory costs and easy handling, the M4003 also demonstrates special strengths.

This milling cutter is particularly suitable for component machining operations under unstable conditions, where low cutting forces are required. It therefore achieves outstanding levels of surface quality with long-projection tool assemblies or unstable workpiece setups. Excellent results can be achieved even with soft materials such as aluminium. The reason for this particularly soft cutting action is the highly positive insert geometries; an effect that can be further increased by using the different indexable inserts for different applications.

The face milling cutter can be equipped with the four-edged M4000 system radiused inserts for general purpose machining or with inserts with secondary cutting edges for an improved surface quality. Wiper inserts can also be used for top-quality surfaces. As an option, the indexable inserts are also available with Walter’s new coating, Tiger·tec® Gold. Thanks to the range covering two different maximum depths of cut (4.5 and 6.5 mm), the 45° face milling cutter can be adapted to each particular application. The milling cutter is suitable for a wide range of applications: For roughing, semi-finishing or finishing – from steel, cast iron and stainless steels, through to non-ferrous metals and difficultto- cut materials.

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