High Performance Taps for Higher Cutting Speeds and Tool Life

NORIS STABIL UNI HSS-PS TiCN in machining situation through hole: Chips are evacuated in the cutting direction.
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NORIS taps for processing a wide variety of steel alloys, cast iron and various nonferrous alloys are well known under the names SALOREX UNI for blind holes and STABIL UNI for through-hole. REIME NORIS now extends the UNI series to high performance taps made of HSSE-PM (HSS-PS) with improved cutting geometry and TiCN coating.

NORIS SALOREX UNI – the specialist for deep blind hole threads up to 3 x D thread depth – has 42° right-hand helix flutes. These provide secure chip removal against the cutting direction.

NORIS STABIL UNI stands for the production of through hole threads up to 4 x D thread depth. The special STABIL-flutes move the chips in the cutting direction.

The drills are available in metric sizes from M3 to M20 and M8 x 1 to M16 x 1,5 in stock.

In both versions, the use of powder metallurgical high-speed steel permits higher cutting speeds while increasing tool life. The user benefits by increasing the cycle times and a reduction in tool costs. With the ability to process a very wide range of materials, additional cost of storage and tool investment can be reduced. The proven cutting edge geometries were further optimized in detail. They are specially adapted to the characteristics of the HSSE-PM substrate and the coating. REIME NORIS thus promises significant performance gains and expects especially in the production of small- and medium-sized series, the greatest economic advantages of using these high performance taps.

For more information, please contact Duncan Macdonald – Tel: 011 444-4345.

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