Bystronic Xpert Pro Press Brake

With Industry 4.0 being a major trend in modern fabrication and manufacturing, it is more essential than ever that all equipment items in the production line have balanced capacities, and are able to operate in a coordinated network.

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Bending is an essential function in many engineering and industrial processes and the necessary equipment has to match customer requirements precisely. The new Bystronic Xpert Pro range provides manufacturers with precise bending solutions which offer consistently high bending quality.

A new press brake is a substantial investment and for this reason versatility is key. The Xpert Pro ticks this box, as it is able to carry out extended production runs and then easily switch to the production of an individual component.

Xpert Pro dynamic crowning
Xpert Pro dynamic crowning.

Contemporary bending requirements are furthermore complex and for this reason Bystronic offers customers an extensive selection of bending tools. However, Bystronic also reduces complexity through simple machine programming and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software.

The latest Xpert Pro is available in the Classic, Performance and Dynamic editions, which allow customers to select a press brake suited to both their requirements and their budgets. The specifications are as follows – classic edition: maximum speed, 7.8in/sec. Maximum working speed, 0.393in/sec, performance edition: maximum speed, 8.8in/sec. Maximum working speed, 0.787in/sec. and dynamic edition: maximum speed, 9.8in/sec. Maximum working speed, 0.984in/sec. It is available in a range of bending pressures from 100 tons to 1000 tons, with bending length starting at 3.1m to a generous 10.2m length.

Xpert Pro from Bystronic, available locally from First Cut
Xpert Pro from Bystronic, available locally from First Cut.

Bystronic’s Xpert Pro press brakes continue to offer unmatched precision. The dynamic crowning with patented pressure reference technology allows for the system to adjust the curvature of the lower beam automatically during bending. This state-of-the-art technology effects corrections in real-time, making use of cutting-edge sensors which provide all required information to the press brake controller, so that automatic corrections can be made without disrupting production.

For fast, error-free bending, Bystronic’s ByVision Bending user interface offers intuitive ease of operation. A touchscreen allows for the fast processing of both individual orders and extensive order lists. What is more, it is possible to programme off-line and then import the data into ByVision Bending without disrupting current production.

Introduced at EuroBLECH 2018, Bystronic has also enhanced the Xpert Pro press brake to create the fully automated Bending Cell. The Bending Cell enables users to handle both short and long production runs – and changing order levels – efficiently and without errors and now enables automation of jobs that previously had to be performed manually. This includes automated tool changes and the transition between jobs which now enables the Bending Cell to operate autonomously 24/7.

For more information please contact, First Cut – Tel: 011 614-1112.

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