Innovating Production With A Large Smart Machine

Okuma Corporation has developed a large 2-saddle CNC lathe, the SIMUL TURN LU7000EX, for the large, difficult-to-cut parts of heavy industry. The LU7000 EX has a large work envelope that handles super-large diameter, long parts with a maximum turning diameter of 900mm and spindle bore diameter of 560mm (optional). It is a 2-Saddle CNC lathe that achieves high productivity, including simultaneous turning with upper and lower turrets and follower rest applications.

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A high output, high torque spindle enables heavy-duty cutting with turning capacity of 10mm2, while a first-in-this class, newly-developed milling turret achieves process-intensive machining of large parts in with powerful milling-tool spindles that have an axial milling capacity of 120 cm3/min. Four different main spindles are available to match the workpiece, from a bore diameter of 200mm and spindle speed of 1,500 min-1 to 560mm and 350 min-1, respectively, for the best machining with the best spindle. Innovative production is achieved with a rich array of applications, including simultaneous machining with upper and lower turrets, a long boring bar attached to the upper turret and a follower rest mounted on the lower turret.

The range of functions provided with Okuma’s next-generation CNC, the “OSP suite”, supports smart manufacturing with advanced Okuma Intelligent Technologies including the Thermo-Friendly Concept to maintain stable machining accuracies during long runs, Machining Navi for optimal cutting conditions required for turning, milling and threading and the Maintenance suite visual control tool for maintenance activities.

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