Trumpf Acquires Manufacturer Of Ultrashort Pulsed Lasers

The ultrashort pulsed lasers made by AMPHOS are excellent additions to the TRUMPF portfolio of products and technologies.

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The high technology company TRUMPF recently acquired the laser manufacturer AMPHOS. This strengthens the TRUMPF portfolio of laser products and technologies.

A 200-watt ultrashort pulsed laser made by AMPHOS machines a carbon-fiber part.

AMPHOS was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT. AMPHOS develops and produces ultrashort pulsed lasers with high output power for manufacturing and research applications. Ultrashort pulsed lasers are especially important in electronics manufacturing, where they are used to produce items such as printed circuit boards, displays and cover glass.

The key to AMPHOS lasers is InnoSlab technology, which was co-developed by the company’s founders while still a part of ILT. InnoSlab will allow TRUMPF to open up an entire new range of parameters for its ultrashort pulsed lasers. InnoSlab technology allows us to consolidate the technological leadership of TRUMPF,” says Christian Schmitz, head of the Laser Technology division.

AMPHOS develops ultrashort pulsed lasers that feature output power between 200 and 400 watts. The company also offers high-power lasers for research applications that have an output as high as 1.5 kilowatts.

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