A Journey That Left Behind Half A Century – Ermaksan

In a journey that left behind half a century, Ermaksan is taking firm steps to the future by continuing to develop innovative technologies.

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Ermaksan is a pioneer with an impressive research and development department and 80 000 square meters of modern production facility in Bursa Turkey.

The highly qualified 700 strong staff compliment is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality machine tools.

With 80 000m2 area, the biggest production plant under one-roof in its sector.

The factory is equipped with the latest industry leading precision CNC machine tools. Under the supervision of expert engineers, the factory produces over 3 000 machines annually. Ermaksan, one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacture of sheetmetal machinery is represented by F&H Machine Tools in southern Africa and exclusive dealers in a further 70 countries around the world. All offer strong technical support and are backed up by a factory team of expert sales and service engineers.

Ermaksan designs and manufactures durable, productive and value based machinery by continuously meeting customer demands and striving to exceed industry standards.

Ermaksan manufactures a range of products with innovative technologies to meet the needs of a broad range of industries, such as heavy duty, wind turbine manufacture, lighting pole, transportation, power plants, defence and ship building. Their range of products include CO2 and fibre optic lasers in many different configurations, plasma cutting machines, a full range of CNC press brakes up to 14 200mm x 2 000 ton, CNC hybrid servo motorized press brakes, punch presses, guillotine shears and iron workers. Allied to these products, Ermaksan also offers sheet and product handling systems, pipe cutting options, automation and other customer specific solutions.

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