AMB 2018 Takes The Digital Path

The FIELD System from Fanuc is just one example of how machines of any kind can be connected by means of an interactive web. (Photo source: Fanuc)

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Current studies prove that German companies see greater potential in digitalization. The surveyed decision- makers are optimistic that Industry 4.0 can help them achieve higher sales while simultaneously reducing costs.

The GEWATEC web Factory, a fully automated production process based on Industry 4.0 criteria, will be presented at AMB 2018. (Photo source: Gewatec)

The surveyed companies are expecting sales and cost savings to increase within a space of three years by an average of more than 10 percent, especially due to higher productivity among employees and improved efficiency of machines. “Mechanical engineering and plant construction in Germany is one of the strongest national industries, but also in an international comparison. This position must be strengthened and extended still further. This objective can only be achieved through a leading edge in digitalization within the framework of Industry 4.0. By staging the Digital Way special show during AMB in September 2018, we want to make the metal cutting industry even more aware of this topic and take account of the high demand for information,” added Ulrich Kromer von Baerle.

The aims of AMB 2018 are to act as a platform for providers and users, and show digital paths. “With this new format AMB will underline its position as the leading exhibition for metal working. Everyone is talking about digitalization – in the Digital Way special show we will show how business and production processes can be optimized in very specific terms and what digital business models are available,” explained Kromer von Baerle, CEO of Messe Stuttgart.

Industry 4,0 and digitalization processes can be experienced live in the “Digital Way” special show during AMB 2018. (Photo source: Messe Stuttgart)

In addition to a first-class expert conference, which is being developed in cooperation with the Software and Digitalization Association in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and a supplementary accompanying exhibition, interactive showcases will demonstrate the interaction between networked processes in companies and will explain their valueadded. The accompanying exhibition will feature manufacturers of software solutions in the areas of digital business models, digital production, digital product development, digital services and customer service and software development, as well as service providers and manufacturers of hardware. Further opportunities for matchmaking between Digital Way exhibitors, visitors and exhibitors at AMB and conference delegates will be available due to the extended opening hours of Digital Way on the first day of the exhibition with an additional networking event.

“Companies want to know how Industry 4.0 and digitalization of processes can be implemented. What providers have already successfully implemented projects? What applications or models are available and are relevant to the respective company? The Digital Way special show at AMB 2018 will enable us to bring solution-oriented supply and demand together,” explained Gunnar Mey, Department Director Industry at Messe Stuttgart. Messe Stuttgart itself is also exploring new avenues: as of now, exhibition areas can be booked online at while socalled digital handshakes and live streaming of selected conference topics are planned at AMB 2018.

Prof. Claus Oetter, Deputy Managing Director of the Software and Digitalization Association in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), said that the reasons for cooperating in the Digital Way special show during AMB are as follows, “Innovation in digitalization is actually created by the synergy between IT and the software industry and mechanical engineering and plant construction. In the digitalized world only industry can manufacture new products which are beneficial to producers and customers.” Oetter added, “digitalization permits entirely new solutions and business models for future products and services in industry. Whether in areas such as usability or user experience, the digital twin for simulation and commissioning, or machine learning for optimizing machining processes and maintenance, the range of topics is enormous and also helps to increase customer loyalty.” The German Engineering Federation will provide information on the spot about its numerous activities and will present new technologies during a live demonstration. These topics will also be examined more closely during an exclusive conference on digitalization in production.

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