Cutting Tools: MMC Hitachi Tool Presents The New TD4N

MMC Hitachi Tool, one of the leading manufacturers of end mills and drilling tools for the die and mould industry, recently presented the new indexable milling tool TD4N at Moulding Expo Stuttgart.

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Joern Mackensen von Astfeld, Product Engineer (M.Sc.) of MMC Hitachi Tool, underlines, “the TD4N is not just an extension of our proven range of High Feed Cutting tools.

Novelties of TD4N are the newly developed high-feed geometry and the double faced, 4 corner inserts for economic machining.” He also points out that “the special cutting edge geometry optimizes chip formation and minimizes undesired residual material for subsequent operations. As a result the TD4N ensures a high process reliability and convinces with smooth machining, low costs per cutting edge and a long and stable tool life.”

The TD4N enhances the high-feed product portfolio and strengthens MMC Hitachi Tool’s strategic approach as an holistic technology partner for the die and mould industry. In combination with highly skilled application engineers, the characteristics of the new High Feed Cutting Tool TD4N emphasize MMC Hitachi Tool’s dedication for process optimizing in the die and mold industry. The effective and efficient integration of the cutting tool in the production process is a core component of MMC Hitachi Tool’s Production50® concept.

“By using advanced tools and application know-how with new manufacturing strategies and technologies, dies and moulds can be produced faster and thereby more efficiently,” Mackensen von Astfeld summarizes. With the indexable milling tool TD4N, MMC Hitachi Tool continues its course of innovation.

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