Whisperline Anti-Vibration Boring Bars With Exchangeable Turning Heads

ISCAR introduces a new line of WHISPERLINE vibration-dampening boring bars intended for large L/D boring ratios.

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The maximum overhang for solid steel boring bars is up to 4 x BD. Machining with a longer length of steel shank (more than 4 x BD) can induce unwelcome vibrations due to the elasticity and characteristics of the steel.

Solid carbide boring bars can limit vibrations on a higher overhang of more than 4 x BD and up to 6 x BD and offer an excellent, highly efficient option for boring applications of up to six times the tool’s machining depth. However, even the use of a solid carbide shank can cause vibrations when machining with high overhangs of more than 6 x BD.

WHISPERLINE anti-vibration boring bars have been designed to significantly reduce and even totally eliminate vibrations when working with a high overhang from 7 x BD to 14 x BD, thanks to a unique damping mechanism inside the tool, consisting of a heavy mass supported by a rubber spring element containing oil to increase the required dampening effect.

In addition, the system contains other elements which help to further reduce vibrations. The reactive damping mechanism comes into action during machining with high overhang work depths and acts as an effective counter to vibrations.

The highly effective, anti-vibration damper effect is applicable for large D.O.C and high feed rates and ensures continuous, efficient machining. ISCAR’s inspired WHISPERLINE anti-vibration tools considerably improve machining stability and enhance insert life. These factors enable meaningful increases in productivity to be achieved, improvements in surface quality on high overhangs to be attained, scrap levels to be reduced and users’ profitability to be enhanced.

WHISPERLINE anti-vibration tools enable the delivery of internal coolant to be supplied directly to where it is required – the insert’s cutting edge. Efficient distribution of coolant increases the insert’s tool life by reducing temperature and also improves chip control and chip evacuation.

The WHISPERLINE boring bars represent a cost-effective, modular system with a wide range of standard shanks and eight different interchangeable boring heads.

For more information, contact ISCAR South Africa – Tel: 011 997 2700.

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