Sawing: Everising P-Series – The Solution To High Speed Cutting, Reduced Cost Per Cut And Full Automation

First Cut, South African sole agent for Taiwan-based Everising Machine Company introduced Everising’s comprehensive range of bandsaw machines because of its offering of maximum productivity at minimum cost.

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A specialist in medium to large band saws since 1982, Everising derives its technological innovation from customer requests.

“This is very much in line with the First Cut philosophy of finding niche solutions to customer application requirements in order to provide longterm sustainability and productivity, while at the same time reducing maintenance and downtime,” says First Cut Director Steve Van Wyk.

“Everising bandsaw and circular sawing machines are ISO accredited, and are among the finest in the world, renowned for their extraordinary rigidity and accuracy, while exhibiting the most advanced cutting tool technology,” says Van Wyk.

The P-series CNC machines are equipped with some outstanding features, such as automatic loading tables which support a large number of work pieces. This allows for automatic feeding of bar stock during cutting operations, resulting in continuous output. This range of machines can cut round, square, hollow, tube and flat bar.

The P-series also has a user friendly touch screen, with very clear graphics. All the cutting parameters are represented on the touch screen controller. This includes a self-diagnostic function for on-screen troubleshooting, so that problems can be detected and resolved immediately.

The gear transmission driver provides high efficiency and consistent cutting speed and the carbide guide pads are used to strengthen the rigidity of the saw blades, which means not only accuracy, but the life of the saw blade is extended.

Recently, installing the new and improved P100 at one of First Cut’s customers who required minimum wastage and a faster cutting time was achieved by adding a third vise which resulted in a 15mm remnant piece and an indexing capability of 1000mm.

A new addition to the P-Series family is the unrivaled P230. The new evolved and uniquely adapted P-230B can cut up to an impressive 230mm in diameter. In addition to reliability and affordability, the Everising P-230B Series CNC cutting machine brings a new level of speed and accuracy to the user.

Key features of the P-series include the requirement of only one operator to set and load the machine, with no supervision thereafter, machine sorting of remnant pieces into a separate bin and a space saving potential of +/-60m² if 5-6 bandsaw machines would be replaced. Add to this a milling cutter finish with a tolerance of 0.02mm and the ability to cut a 50mm round bar in 8 seconds.

“With our national footprint, we guarantee fast and reliable deliveries, including installation and thorough training on the range of machines offered. While our highly skilled technicians install, service and maintain all machines offered, our call center is available to assist with machine related queries, booking of services and scheduling maintenance contracts. Last not least we have full spares back up for all our machines” concludes Van Wyk.

This machine is ex-stock, while stocks last.

For more information, contact First Cut – Tel: 011 614 1112

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