Turning: Heavyweight Harrison Alpha XS

Combination lathes with 5 and 6 metre centre distances

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600 UK have now added extra capacity bed lengths to their already hugely successful heavyweight series of Harrison Alpha XS CNC combination lathes.

The heavy duty Harrison Alpha 1660XS and 1760XS models were introduced in 2015 and were specifically designed in response to increased customer demand for turning larger diameter components accurately, efficiently and more cost effectively.

Both manual/CNC lathe models are of cast iron construction, for maximum stability. Previously available with centre distances from 1.5 metres up to 4 metres, they now include both 5 and 6 metre configurations.

The Alpha 1660XS and 1760XS machines offer a high powered 18.5kW motor with 105mm spindle bores (1760XS model has an optional bore of 155mm), outputting a spindle speed of 2000 and 1400 rpm respectively, for even more heavy duty turning performance and accuracy with longer and larger diameter components.

The Alpha 1660XS and 1760XS models are fitted with the same unique Fanuc 0iTD / Harrison Alpha control system as the rest of the range. The system offers customers huge flexibility through the Harrison control, allowing four ways of working for the operator, including manual turning through to full CNC production.

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