LVD Adds Two New Models To Phoenix Series Of Fiber Lasers

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LVD expands its fiber laser portfolio with the Phoenix FL 4020 and Phoenix FL 6020, two new laser cutting machines designed to handle sheet dimensions of 4000 x 2000mm and 6000 x 2000mm, respectively. Available in 3, 4 and 6 kW versions, the new Phoenix models offer high versatility as all-round machines able to deliver first-class cut quality in both thin and thick materials in standard steels as well as non-ferrous materials, while processing large sheets quickly and economically. Phoenix Series machines provide the highest energy efficiency and productivity benefits of fiber laser technology. 

Phoenix FL machines achieve superior cut quality through an advanced cutting head design that allows automated adjustment of focus position and focus diameter, known as zoom focus. To achieve the highest possible speed in every material thickness, focus position and diameter are automatically controlled and adjusted by the CNC controller. This advanced technology makes the Phoenix FL the most flexible fiber laser cutting machine, able to cut different sheet thicknesses with high productivity and excellent cut quality.

Phoenix 4020 and 6020 models feature uprated drive systems to achieve the same dynamic performance as 3015 models allowing fast processing of large format sheets.

Phoenix lasers provide high dynamic processing and fast cutting speeds thanks to the 1μm fiber wave length. Acceleration and overall accuracy is further supported by the machine’s rigid welded steel frame construction. An integrated control and drive system ensure the highest reproduction of programmed contours at fast processing speeds.

Phoenix machines keep uptime high with an integrated automatic shuttle table system that allows one table to be loaded, while the machine is cutting on the other table.

A touchscreen control and LVD’s TOUCH-L user interface make the Phoenix easy to use and operate, further increasing machine uptime. The 19-inch touch screen and icon-driven user interface guide the user through all necessary man-machine interactions. TOUCH-L also incorporates a part programming and nesting feature so users can import drawings directly into the control, applying cutting technology and nesting sheets at the machine.

Productivity-enhancing options include a 10-station automatic nozzle changer and CADMAN-L programming software. CADMAN-L allows automatic or interactive determination of cutting sequences, nesting, full cutting path simulation, as well as other powerful features to simplify programming.

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